What are routes for?

React routes is a new concept to me, as I learned about them no longer than a few hours ago. Routes are necessary for directing our user to different locations in our application. This happens when a React Route is created properly. It functions by conditionally rendering certain components in the application to display depending on the route in the URL.

Examples of our routes in our URL is www.example.com/about. This is a made up URL so I don’t recommend clicking it, but in this URL the route defined is ‘/about’. This URL will take us…

Lately, life has been challenging me in ways I never prepared for.

In the past six months, I’ve lost two friends to two separate causes. One struggled with depression, the other was a mysterious natural cause. Both were complete surprises. Both hurt like I was never alive until I felt how gone they were and then for the first time ever I’m hit with this consuming feeling called grief.

I cried so much both times. I cried deeply because I was so grateful for having met them. I cried even more for having lost them. “This a pain I never…

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Be Curious & Screw the Excuses

A cat is naturally curious, almost to a deathly flaw. There’s many points in life where we come across times where an excuse is exactly what it is — an excuse. Excuses are not flaws and I don’t think we should think of them as that. They’re valid reasons for why life can be challenging, but they’re not the sole reason for the challenges life throws at us. Often times, we can make the regretful mistake of letting an excuse carry the burden of our lack of happiness, success, or dreams. …

I was about as inexperienced as anybody’s grandpa when it came to using a computer about two months before my bootcamp start date. I come from a neuroscience and psychology background. Learning how to code was definitely not a part of my degree’s curriculum. Knowing almost nothing about coding and having no idea how to use a Macbook was my starting point. Regardless, I still managed to get through the first module with a solid understanding of the material and a good night’s rest every night. Here’s what I do to keep up with Flatiron School’s intense computer engineering program.

Emily Nguyen

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